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Luxury Vinyl Plank, Clinton, CarbonaroLuxury Vinyl Plank, Clinton, Carbonaro
If you want to give your space the exemplary appearance and flair of stone tile or hardwood at a much lower selling point, stable vinyl flooring by Flooring & Kitchen Design Center is for you. Available in a plethora of tints, shapes and patterns that can take the place of more big-ticket products, or set up an interesting and novel look, the decorating prospects that this style of flooring creates are mind-boggling.

This flexible plastic is fabulous for busy spaces such as dens and halls, areas where spills are generally a complication like bathrooms and kitchens, or any room that might use a with staying power, unyielding floor covering. Vinyl floors are known for being “tough as nails” for a reason; not only are they resilient, stable floors that need basic care and upkeep, their layered texture gives them a comfortable, flexible touch that is more durable than carpet and less temperature variant than wood. SHOP NOW >
Multi Colored Kitchen Vinyl Floors now available at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center in Elmsford
Make your floors elegant with Select Highland Vinyl Floors at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center in Elmsford
Add flair to your bedroom with Choice Koala Bedroom Vinyl Floors at Choice Koala Bedroom Vinyl Floors
These floors are unaffected by messes, won’t chip like tile or laminate flooring, and won’t expand if exposed to humidity like hardwood. Vinyl can be placed over practically any other kind of flooring with little to no difficulty, or installed over rough subfloors. The thick, flexible material serves to minimize din between rooms, dissimilar from the noisy sound caused by ceramic and porcelain.

It also gives an added layer of insulation, which serves to diminish heating use in the winter in addition to cooling in the summer. The care needed to keep vinyl in tip-top shape is effortless; periodically sweep away soil with a broom, and wipe away any sticky messes with a moistened mop. No need to think about waxing or buffering.

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Contrary to linoleum, organic stone or hardwood, vinyl will retain its luminous quality and vibrancy without a necessity to be remodeled. Everything you require to decide on the vinyl flooring that fits with your interior fashions and your daily needs, from decor counsel to professional placement is available at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center.