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Abbey Tile, Kennsburg, DoveAbbey Tile, Kennsburg, Dove
Stone floors are natural, diverse and always in style. They are ideal for warmer climates since stone floors are naturally cool and hard. Stone floors also do not harbor dust or allergens.
Stone varies in amount and size of pores within the stone. This is referred to as porosity, which affects the strength and resistance of the floor. A dense, nonporous stone is ideal for rooms that have a lot of traffic such as kitchens and family bathrooms. Granite and slate are great nonporous options. Marble and limestone, on the other hand, are more porous and therefore softer. Porous stone requires more applications of sealant. They also need to be cleaned frequently to prevent staining. 

Stone comes in a mass range of colors and patterns.
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Here are some popular stone choices: 

Granite - Granite has a wide range of options and has the option to be flamed for slip-resistance.

Limestone - Limestone has a natural, earthy appearance. It is formed from sedimentary materials, such as coral and shells. Since limestone is made with sedimentary material, even when cut from the same slab, tiles can vary is color. 

Marble - Marble is a porous stone and is usually used for formal venues. Unfortunately, from Marble's porous nature, it can easily scratch. Marble comes in many different colors and vary in hardness.

Slate -  Slate gives your room a very rustic look. It is available in irregular shaped pieces and is usually a dark gray, light red or green color.