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Armstrong hardwood, Artistic Timbers, Classic DarkArmstrong hardwood, Artistic Timbers, Classic Dark
Hardwood sanding and refinishing can be a practical service, a service performed for aesthetic purposes, or both. It can be used to repair damaged hardwood in your home, extending its lifespan and making your flooring look new again. Alternatively, it can be used to change the tone of the wood and make your whole room look new again. No matter what your motivation for sanding and refinishing your hardwood, make sure to put your trust in the qualified experts at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center.

There are so many things that can damage your wood floors, and leaving the marks alone can just lead to more damage. Walking across your floors in high heels or cleats can dent the finish, moving heavy furniture across the top can gouge it, dropping things can cause minor scratches and standing water can warp it. Anywhere that the finish is thin and water can seep in, or anywhere
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that is already infiltrated by moisture, is a vulnerable spot. Leaving the moisture there or allowing it to seep in can cause mold, mildew, and other serious forms of damage.
Hardwood sanding & refinishing can take those old scratches out of your beautiful hardwood. Contact Flooring & Kitchen Design Center today to find out more!
Flooring & Kitchen Design Center in Elmsford is your hardwood sanding & refinishing expert!  Contact us today to find out more!
Hardwood sanding & refinishing is an excellent way to make your old hardwood look like new!  Contact Flooring & Kitchen Design Center today to find out more!
Even if your floor is as scratch and moisture free as the day it was installed, hardwood sanding and refinishing can still serve a purpose. When your floors are installed, they’re coated with a layer of urethane finish that gives your floor its tone, color and shine. To change any of these things, a different finish is necessary. Hardwood sanding and refinishing can be an important part in changing the color scheme of your home, and bringing your designs to life.

Call, e-mail or visit us today to find out more about Flooring & Kitchen Design Center’s hardwood sanding and refinishing services or our other flooring services and products, or to schedule an appointment for services. We look forward to working with you.