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American Showcase hardwood, Goodwin, Crystal CaveAmerican Showcase hardwood, Goodwin, Crystal Cave

Hardwood is a very elegant way to furnish your home and create magical interiors. The beauty of a home is elevated to great heights with these natural materials that add longevity as well as luster. With high-quality hardwood, what you get is consistently better appearance and performance as aging can create even more of a homey look. Flooring & Kitchen Design Center has a vast range of solid hardwoods and engineered varieties with a great selection of colors and wood species. At Flooring & Kitchen Design Center, our flooring specialists will help guide you in your choice depending on where the hardwood will go in your home, your budget and the degree of hardness that would be a great fit for your interiors. SHOP NOW >

Create Magical Interiors

The style of your home can be utterly customized by polishing something as superficially inconsequential as the hardwood flooring beneath it. A grand ornate scarlet sapele could make a house seem superior and special. A fanciful, charming yellow birch hardwood floor could make an area seem capacious and blithe, calling to mind a charming summer day.

We also supply all of the additional furnishings and hardwood flooring products that you want to accompany your new floors. Delivery and placement by crafty, seasoned professionals is offered for all variations of hardwood flooring. We’re faithful to the glamor of your floors and the hassle-free nature of your experience from the start of the purchasing procedure to the very final steps. SHOP NOW >

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Flooring & Kitchen Design Center carries quality long-lasting hardwood flooring for all of your living room flooring projects
Flooring & Kitchen Design Center carries quality long-lasting hardwood flooring for all of your kitchen flooring projects
Flooring & Kitchen Design Center carries quality long-lasting hardwood flooring for all of your dining room projects

All of the products and labor that you desire to construct the design that you desire in each and every area of your household are at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center.


Which is the Hardest Hardwood?

Janka Hardness Test
Hardness is rated in the amount of pounds-force that needs to be exerted to drive a steel ball of about half an inch into the material. This is the Janka Hardness test. The hardest woods have pounds-force above 5000! Hardness and density are the essential elements of hardwood while color and availability are the other elements that decide its price. 

Popular Hardwood Materials


Brazilian Cherry can have a hardness rating in the 2500-3000 range. Hickory has a hardness rating of close to 1900. Maple comes after Hickory in the hierarchy of hardwood hardness at around 1450. Red Oak comes in at 1200-1300 while California Black Oak has a hardness rating of just above 1000. Black Walnut too has a rating of just above 1000. With over fifty hardwood options to choose from, we are the all-encompassing store for delivering on the hardwood needs of the Tri-State region. Flooring & Kitchen Design Center is the right place for choosing exactly the right hardwood for your home. SHOP NOW >

Few things construct a more stately style than a Jatoba floor, which also fashions a space of hospitality and intimacy. Bamboo, a hardwood alternative, gives a home a quaint flourish while remaining green. This small enhancement may perfectly alter the general impression and presence of a space, an area or every bit of a home, so choosing the one that fits with your wants is of the highest significance. At Flooring & Kitchen Design Center, we want to be sure to supply everything you prefer to assist you to do just that.

All of these woods, including cultured exotics, light domestics, and so much more are on hand at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center, as well as the counsel, additional furnishings, transportation of products and installment that you desire to give your abode the impression you require. We offer design ideas and in-home consultation to make sure that you pick the wood that bespeaks the intended feel of your space, as well as examples of homes where the hardwood has previously been placed in rooms in our Photo Gallery.