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A well-designed and structured carpet creates the plush feeling that you may be looking for in your home or commercial space. Retaining the “look” of the carpet is absolutely essential for your living spaces to radiate the same inviting feeling for years to come. Materials that keep their freshness over time with regular maintenance are imperative for long-lasting looks and functionality. Polyesters and polyamides are affordable materials that have these properties and make for compelling carpet. Both polyesters and polyamides are available in nature as well as manufactured by industrial processes. Nylon is a polyamide that is entirely synthetic. The durability of these materials makes them perfect for heavy and continuous traffic in an active household or a commercial business.    SHOP NOW >
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Flooring & Kitchen Design Center offers high quality carpet for all of your flooring needs! - Camelback Bedroom Carpet Westchester NY
Flooring & Kitchen Design Center and their expert installers deliver high quality material and installation for all of your flooring needs! - Corsica Living Room Carpet Westchester NY
Flooring & Kitchen Design Center - Ivory Linen Carpet - Westchester NY
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Technological advances in the engineering of nylon has resulted in bringing even better features such as resistance to staining and fading while also ramping up on softness in carpets available today. With wide-ranging elaborate and exquisite patterns, Flooring & Kitchen Design Center has the best selection of carpet choices, styles, colors and textures for our customers in the Tri-State area. We have close to 700 carpet choices ranged across twenty styles and nine color tones. Almost the entire range consists of environmentally-focused green products. We have a large choice within the Texture and Shag style followed by Saxony and Plush style. Beige color tones are substantially available followed by browns and reds.     SHOP NOW >

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Flooring & Kitchen Design Center helps you make the best choice for your interior spaces. When you visit our showrooms, you will be met with a personal interaction which allows you to get your preferred and suitable carpet in an unhurried manner. Our customers have been partnering with our friendly and professional services for over two decades now. All of your carpet needs are fulfilled effectively and satisfactorily at Flooring & Kitchen Design Center.    SHOP NOW >